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The ancient art of Time ∞

The moment yu see through the illusion of movement, yu see Time ∞

The world we live in and believe in is mostly governed by mathematics. Patterns, calculations, inventions and so many other sectors are the collective result of mathematics. It is not only governing our present era, but it had an huge impact in our past eras as well. Our ancestors used countings and calculations to manage their activities. Simple calculations turned bigger over time. Brains who practiced calculations over period, skilled the art of calculation. What happens when a skill reaches at a level? It will start to spread. More brains started learning and applying the art of calculation and thus mathematics continues to be an unremovable part of evolution. 

Where most of the sectors in this world is governed by mathematics, how can time remain untouched by it? Early brains started 

to calculate the movements and sequences of events and the result was measured with numbers and partitions. The time we are following till now is just a scale of measurement. Time is the measurement of movements. 

“The ancient art of Time ∞” is the conclusion of experienced knowledge about Time which not only show us what time is, but also to skill the art of time as well. 

It’s time ∞




Dear family,
I am Achshei. And today, i am going to share one of the secret that I discovered which was never found in the entire human history. Get ready to witness the secret. Let me know yur reviews. 🙂

“I met” “time” on the walk. It has been too long since i met time. But even today, i saw time in the same way of dressing. As usual, always well dressed, prepared and confident. I remember the very first day when i met time, it was many years ago, when i was a kid. Even Those days, time used to be very neat and clean, well dressed and confident as it got some opportunity to live its dream. When i saw time today, it instantly reminded me of my past experience. No changes at all. Not even a seconds change. Same speed, same dressing sense, same way of behavior, and same confidence.

While walking together, i asked time, out of the curiosity which i couldn’t hold for long now, “why are yu always so well dressed? Like yu are about to join work. And why even after so long, yu haven’t changed a bit? ” i had many questions to put up, but i cud only ask few. Time looked at me, gave me its mesmerizing smile, and walked silently as earlier. I was dumbfounded by its behavior, and bcz of that, i left behind. I ran behind it, and managed again to be with it. This time, again, i put the same questions. Time, patiently, did the same again. Remain silent and walked with a smile. Again i left behind. And i ran to be with it. This happened many times. Everytime i ask the questions, its behavior makes me wonder and i left behind. Time, showed no generosity to stop for me as i was left behind. Though i lost all hope of getting an answer from time, still i thought of giving it a last try. I managed somehow to get near to him…but i wasn’t able to ask again….bcz, this time, when i again got near to it, time said something to me something. And that words changed my life.

Do yu wanna know what it said?

Time said – “My dear, the reason i am always well dressed is bcz no one knows when yu get an opportunity to fulfill yur dreams, and if yu aren’t ready, yu may miss the opportunity. I keep myself ready all the time so that i don’t have to waste any single moment on getting ready. I am already prepared, and that’s why, all i have left to do is, grab the opportunity. And opportunity praise me because iam already prepared. The reason why i don’t stop is bcz, if i stop even for a while, my destination will remain far. And i have to wait to get there. So, i don’t stop. I keep walking. Now, yu may think that if i don’t stop, then when do i get time to think? Dear, “yu don’t have to stop walking to think about walking – achshei” just keep walking and yu will think on the way. The reason why i never changed is bcz i never focused on change. I simply focus on my work. When yu focus on yur work, yu work. But if yu focus on fear, yu change. The reason why i am always confident is – i know that even if iam confused about my actions, i will end up choosing any one option, and i have to be confident about that. So, when i have to be confident about my actions, why wasting time on confusion. Be confident now. At last i am sharing yu the secret of me. Secret of TIME AND OPPORTUNITY. TIME DOESN’T GIVE YU OPPORTUNITY….TIME IS OPPORTUNITY. AND WHEN I REARRANGE MY NAME….WITH OPPORTUNITY – I MET OPPORTUNITY. That is – TIME – AN OPPORTUNITY changes to I MET AN OPPORTUNITY. So, my dear, keep walking, be well prepared everytime, focus on yur work and be confident. This is the secret my dear.” And by saying this, time kept walking.


I am sharing this secret to all of yu so that yu can use this sacred secret to achieve yur dreams. I believe, my effortless effort helped yu understand what exactly is opportunity. And how to grab it. 🙂

Yu are precious
With love
From sole to soul – such is love
“I am ME – I am Manifestation Expert”