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The ancient art of Time ∞

The moment yu see through the illusion of movement, yu see Time ∞

The world we live in and believe in is mostly governed by mathematics. Patterns, calculations, inventions and so many other sectors are the collective result of mathematics. It is not only governing our present era, but it had an huge impact in our past eras as well. Our ancestors used countings and calculations to manage their activities. Simple calculations turned bigger over time. Brains who practiced calculations over period, skilled the art of calculation. What happens when a skill reaches at a level? It will start to spread. More brains started learning and applying the art of calculation and thus mathematics continues to be an unremovable part of evolution. 

Where most of the sectors in this world is governed by mathematics, how can time remain untouched by it? Early brains started 

to calculate the movements and sequences of events and the result was measured with numbers and partitions. The time we are following till now is just a scale of measurement. Time is the measurement of movements. 

“The ancient art of Time ∞” is the conclusion of experienced knowledge about Time which not only show us what time is, but also to skill the art of time as well. 

It’s time ∞


E² = L

​Dear child,

I feel that you are still trying to understand what love is. And everyone you connect with, is a new journey you choose to understand love. Isn’t it what the whole world is trying to figure out? What is love? Along with this one supreme question, comes another questions. Like what are the kinds of love? Why love hurts? Why people take for granted when in love? Ofcourse, you may have your own questions as well to which you are looking for answers. Come, let’s ask love what exactly it is. 

Ever since you came in this world, with your very first breath, you begun to reason your very own existence. Love on the other hand, is what brought you here. The world you are living in is running on two basic, yet key principles which created it. Feeling and understanding. And the world you make around you is governed by the same principles.
 Let’s make it more simple for you. Look at your very own physical body. The body has numbers of major functions which helps it to stay alive. But the two major functions are brain and heart. The brain is amazingly beautiful creation which operates every single functions of your body including the heart. Because it is the brain that gave shape to heart. The brain understands and reason with everything it interacts and connect with. But it is the heart that helps yu feel. Brain indicates your focus on whatever happening on, in, around your life. Heart makes yu feel whatever is happening. 
Similarly, look at the whole world as your body. On one hand, it has the brain which operates and reasons every single activity. And on the other hand, it has the heart which feels its very own existence. Whether you can see it or not, it can be felt. “The reason why you are still trying to understand what love is, is because you are trying to understand what is meant to be felt.” It’s exactly like if someone address you by some other name, you immediately make the correction. Or if someone ask you to stand up, but calls you by a new name, you will not respond because it is not your name the other person called. 
My child, Love is what we feel. Although, the name of this feeling is given by yur understanding, that is your brain. But it doesn’t mean that it is governed by your brain. Just because something doesn’t have a name, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exists. The name comes later. What you are naming comes first. Just like you. You came into the world first. Your name was given to you. 
To know love, feel love. Feelings are meant to be expressed. No matter what feelings or emotion you feel, express it. It is but upto you and your brain that which method you choose to express. Afterall, the entire universe is all about expression. 
There is a simple rule which you would love to follow. 
E² = L
That is, Emotions Expressed = Love
My child, do not try to understand love, for love can only be felt. 
What is love? Love is not the question. It is but the answer. Feel it. Express it. Everytime. 
Are you still in doubt? Waiting for your letter my child. With love. 
Always yours… 
– Achshei.