Perfection – is the end of growth. It is the end of change. It is the end of life. Life means movement. And whatever moves, changes. Whatever changes, cannot become perfect because, it is constantly changing. For, perfection means, when yu like something,accepted something at a point as it is. But it is for the time being yu saw it without any change. As soon as it changed, so does yur perception about perfection changed.
             A still photograph of anything yu like can be perfect. But when yu visit the place in real, it may not seem perfect. Photograph is a seized moment. That never changes. Reality keeps changing. PERFECTION IS SEIZURE OF GROWTH – whereas – IMPERFECTION IS ROUTE TO GROWTH – Achshei.
IMPERFECT holds the reality hidden inside it. πŸ™‚ Im-perfect. But, the moment yu claim yurself perfect, yu seize yur growth. Because, growth is the attribute of imperfect. That’s why, imperfect is hiddenly stating that im-perfect without losing its reality – IMPERFECT.


And i believe that yu are way too clear about perfection now. No one want a lifeless partner, relationship, even life. Then why yu need a PERFECT ‘partner’ ‘relationship’ or ‘life’? πŸ™‚ Because, both are same. ☺

Yu are precious

With love


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