Need is a very strong emotion. When yu need something, and when yu constantly think about it, yu are feeling the lack of it in yur life. Yu feel SAD because yu do not have it with yu now. Sadness then leads yu to other relevant emotions that makes yu feel bad about yur current situation. Yu have to change yur emotions about yur present situation to positive. No matter what it looks like, yu have to see what yu want to see, not what yu are seeing. Seeing what yu want to see gives yu happiness. Because, it is something yu want. Something yu love. When yu are in the state of love and happiness – yu don’t feel the need of what yu want. When yu no longer need what yu need, yur needs get fulfilled. When yu have what yu need, yu do not feel the need of it. Do the same with yur wishes/needs. Instead of thinking it with yu – LIVE IT & LEAVE IT. And yu will get what yu need very fast.

With love


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